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Metal Pipes

Building/Industrial Maintenance

Students in the Industrial and Building Maintenance program will learn how to maintain and repair various buildings, from houses to factories. Students from this class can work in residential property management or run an entire building like the chief engineer of the school. The level one semester contains nine of the 13 NCCER Industrial Maintenance Mechanic curriculum modules. This includes Trade Intro, Fasteners, Oxyfuel Cutting, Gaskets, Pumps, Valves, Testing Equipment, Mobile Equipment, and Lubrication. The full year level two program covers the NCCER Core curriculum and the remaining Industrial Maintenance modules. Level two also includes the Building Maintenance aspects of Carpentry, Electricity, Plumbing, Drywall and Finishing, Flooring, and Maintenance.

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Certifications and Proficiency Credits

Industry certifications:

  • NCCER: Core

  • NCCER Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Level 1

Career Pathways with Industry Credentials

  • Building/ Facilities Maintenance Technician

  • Industrial Maintenance Technician

  • Residential Maintenance Technician

Career Pathways with Continued Education & Training

  • Building Engineer

  • Business Owner

  • Construction Manager/Foreman

  • Director of Maintenance

  • Facilities Manager

  • Maintenance/ Service Manager

  • Private Contractor

  • Project Manager

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