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Electric Cables


In the Electricity program, students learn the fundamentals of electricity, including voltage, current, magnetism, and Ohm’s Law. Students conduct hands-on labs to assess their understanding of basic electrical components including control circuits and electrical circuits, both series & parallel.

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Certifications and Proficiency Credits

Industry certifications:

  • NCCER: Core and Level 1 Electricity


Eligible College Proficiency Credits:


Community College of Baltimore County

  • CONT 101 – Constr. Blueprint Reading (3 credits)

  • CONT 116 - Practices of Res. Constr. (3 credits)

Career Pathways with Industry Credentials

  • Electrician

  • Electrical Assembler

  • Electrical Technician

  • Lineman

Career Pathways with Continued Education & Training

  • Electrical Designer

  • Electrical Foreman

  • Construction Manager

  • Electrical Project Manager

  • Electrical Engineer

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