This is a National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Certified Program. 

In this program students have an opportunity to learn the art of Welding.  Skills taught include: brazing; shielded metal arc; gas tungsten and gas metal welding; plasma cutting; as well as blueprint reading and basic metallurgy. 

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES exist as production welder, machine operator, fabricator, pipeline welder, job shop welder, construction welder, sheet metal mechanic, welding inspector, underwater welder-diver, engineer, creative designer, and weld shop owner. 

Associated Certification Available:
NCCER: Core and Level 1 Welding


Level One: Welding 1 Credit 1 Semester
Level Two: Welding
Technical Math
3 Credits
1 Credit
2 Semesters
Optional Third Year Work Based Learning 4 Credits 2 Semesters


Level 1


Level 2