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Scholarship Tips


A. Read eligibility requirements carefully so that you don’t waste time applying for scholarships that you don’t qualify for.
Carefully read and follow directions. Be neat. Don’t forget to proofread!

B. Get Organized

  • Separate each scholarship into accordion files, individual folders or clips.
  • Attach a checklist or sticky pad on the front with deadline and list of materials required.
  • Contact several instructors for recommendations.  Keep copies, if possible, to pull as needed.
  • Write a few different essays.   Individualize for specific scholarships.
  • Make copies of your application packet before sending.
  • Keep a calendar with deadlines and be sure to MEET DEADLINES!

 C. Focus on local and regional scholarships first.

 D. Contact the financial aid office at the school you will be attending to apply for grants and scholarships offered there.  For the best opportunities, apply ASAP, even if you haven’t been accepted yet.

For additional scholarship opportunities, contact your high school guidance office and be sure to read your high school newsletters.  Local libraries are also a good resource.

 Do NOT apply for scholarships or scholarship searches that:

    • Asks you to pay a fee or  become a member of their organization
    • Requires credit card, bank account, or social security numbers
    • Guarantees you will win, or offers “exclusive information”

*** Report suspected scholarship fraud to .



High School Scholarship Search


CAT-North Scholarship Opportunities

“Family Connections/Naviance” student account and search for scholarships under the college folder. Get more information about your account from your High School Counseling Department.


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