This is a National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Certified Program. 

The basic plumbing skills of soldering, brazing, layout and design, and blueprint reading are examined in this program.  Skills are applicable to installing and repairing sinks, toilets, and water heaters, and designing the plumbing layout for bathrooms and kitchens. 

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES exist as a plumber, gas fitter, maintenance engineer, steam fitter, sprinkler system mechanic, boiler mechanic, plumbing sales representative, service person, or estimator.

Associated Certification Available:
NCCER: Core and Level 1 Plumbing


Level One: Plumbing 1 Credit 1 Semester
Level Two: Plumbing
Technical Math
3 Credits
1 Credit
2 Semesters
Optional Third Year Work Based Learning 4 Credits 2 Semesters


Level 1


Level 2



 Apprenticeship Credit available by review of certification testing results