Honors Environmental Resource Management

The Environmental Resources Management Program will give students working knowledge and first-hand experience in the areas of: water resource, fisheries/wildlife, soil, forests, watershed restoration and green technology.  The program will utilize the Chesapeake Bay Watershed as a model and instruction will include classroom, hands-on, lab, field, and project-based activities. Students will work in close association with Arlington Echo’s Chesapeake Connections program, community, private, and local government programs.  

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES in the field include fish or forestry technicians, environmental engineers, wildlife managers, park rangers, naturalists, environmental scientists, and landscape workers.


Level One: ERM
Environmental Science
.5 Credit
.5 Credit
1 Semester
Level Two: ERM 4 Honors Credits 2 Semesters
Optional Third Year Work Based Learning 4 Credits 2 Semesters



Level 1


Level 2



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