Graphic Design


 Students will be introduced to publication design as a means of communication with a focus on studying and applying layout and design concepts used in the field of graphic design and web page design. Students will learn a variety of graphic design skills from conceptualization through to the finished product. Skill Areas covered include: design principles, page layout, image manipulation and photo editing, digital illustration, typography, and advertising design. Students will use Macintosh computers and industry-standard software such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to create a variety of printed publications.  CAREER OPPORTUNITIES exist logo design and brand development, advertising design, editorial design, environmental graphics, and as a freelance graphic artist.


Level One: Graphic Design 1 Credit 1 Semester
Level Two: Graphic Design 4 Credits  2 Semesters
Optional Third Year Work Based Learning 4 Credits 2 Semesters


Course Syllabus


Level 1 Overviewdocument

Level 2 Overviewdocument