This is a National Center for Construction Education and Research(NCCER) Certified Program. 

Coursework provides the student with an introduction to the basic skills, practices and theories of electricity and its application to devices, circuits, and materials. Topics from the National Electrical Code book will include: direct current (D.C.) fundamentals; series-parallel circuits; power and alternating current (A.C.) fundamentals; and calculations for power, voltage, current and resistance. Students will be instructed in wiring diagrams and schematics, electrical safety, wiring methods, and blueprint reading.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES include electrical engineer, line meter installer, cable splicer, wire-person, control expert, distribution panel installer, and independent contractor.

Associated Certification Available:
NCCER: Core and Level 1 Electricity


Level One: Electricity 1 Credit 1 Semester
Level Two: Electricity
Technical Math
3 Credits
1 Credit
2 Semesters
Optional Third Year Work Based Learning 4 Credits 2 Semesters


Level 1


Level 2



 Apprenticeship Credit available by review of certification testing results