Career Planning

Figure out what you like and what you do well.


  1. Naviance- complete assessments in your career folder on the Naviance website through your high school
  2. Big Future
  3. Interest Assessments (Holland/RIASEC code): “My Next Move”-
  4. Personality Assessments (MBTI code): “Jung Typology Test”-
  5. High School Classes, Internships, Jumpstart/College Courses, Job Shadowing, Personal Experience


Investigate specific careers and those that match your interest and personality types.


  1. CareerShip– (With or without your Holland/RIASEC code):
  2. New York Career Zone (With your Holland/RIASEC code): “Assess Yourself”
  3. Careers for your Personality Type (MBTI code):
  4. Talk to everyone you know about what they do in their career!



Some other websites you might like for career exploration and planning