Career Explorations Info

Career Exploration Application Information


1.  Students will be asked to choose, in order of preference, ten career areas of interest and will be scheduled into four of those career      classes for the Career Exploration experience.  Every effort is given to scheduling students into their top choices, but students will      likely be scheduled into any of their ten preferences.   Schedule change requests are often not possible due to space availability in      the specific program areas.  It is extremely important that students review Program Descriptions before making their      choices. Students can review Program Descriptions by clicking on the Program tab on the home page of the CATN website.

2.  Students will have the choice of attending CATN during the regular school day (AM) or after school (PM).

  • Students attending AM Career Exploration during the school day will be scheduled for first period on B days. This will be their        official class for that day and period.  They will not be missing a class at their high school and they will return before the start of        second period.
  • Students attending PM Career Exploration after school will come on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:38-3:58.
  • Chesapeake High School and Northeast High School students may only apply for PM Career Exploration

3.  Students will be scheduled into semester depending on the first initial of their last name:  

  • A-L    will attend first semester
  • M-Z    will attend second semester

4.  Anne Arundel County Public Schools will provide all transportation to and from CATN.