Student Recognition Program 2014

The CAT-North Student Recognition Program was held Wednesday May 28th. Awards for classroom excellence and monetary/scholarship awards were given to the following students:

  Classroom Excellence Awards
Earl Anthony Mark Romanowski Academic
  Brady Greco Technical
Folashade Adeleke Kyle Castle Academic
  Desmond Vinson Technical
Michael Born Chandler Kerr Academic
  Vincent Burroughs Technical
Michelle McCarty Caitlin Smith Academic
  Nicholas Singer Technical
Robin Mearman Saige Lavicka Academic
  Ryan Lute Technical
Megan Snyder Isaiah Christopher Academic
  Robert Rowe Technical
Curtis Hoover Douglas Freeman Academic
  Lucas Haag Technical
Brad Martin Sherell Morton-Bey Academic
  Dakota Hutchinson Technical
Gary McNamara Nicholas Milwicz Academic
  Nathaniel Dlugonski Technical
John Penny Nathaniel Anthony Academic
  Garrett Funk Technical
Jeff Rawlings Josef DiPietro Academic
  Adrian Lopez Technical
James Rhea Patrick Jensen Academic
  Wyatt Hamilton Technical
Charles Whittaker Daniel Dean Academic
  Dalton Kent Technical
Health Occupations:    
Jennifer Montagnino No Level Two Students Academic
Elizabeth Crowell Hayley Thomas  Academic
  Estefania Arrendondo-Torres Technical
Jennifer Derose-Bargar Hunter Eichelberger (MA) Academic
  Sabrina Gordon (NA) Technical
Tamiko Gomez Lorella Tiku Ngu Anyi (MA) Academic
  Katlyn Phillips (NA) Technical
Ellen Myers Tiffany Colburn Academic
  Lexy Williams Technical
Peter Akerboom Emma Rainey Academic
  Josephine Wolfe Technical
Wendy Badwak Rebecca Uder Academic
  Tierra Love Technical
Kathy Chow Sierra Patterson Academic
  Kyle Parr Technical
Bruce Davis Alexander David Academic
  Gabrielle McCoy-Knight Technical
Rodney Bolton Savannah Holtgrefe Academic
  Megann Holbrook Technical
Keith Brown Ronald Miller Academic
  Ryan Heiland Technical
Shawn Day/William Webster Candice Crowley Academic
  Alexander MacKinnon Technical
Steven Harris Jacob Odeh Academic
  Nate Hill Technical
Jerry Kepich Austin (T) Phillips Academic
  Daniel Reed Technical

 Pictures from the evening can be found in the CAT-North Photo Album.


Recognition Student
Anne Arundel County Students Construction Trades Foundation Scholarship Kennedy Keer
April Horn Memorial Award Caitlin Smith
Community Club Award Jeffry Perry
Counselors Association of Anne Arundel County Scholarship Lexy Williams
Edward B. Dexter Scholarship Gavin Cook
John Moore Memorial Award Jacob Wilson
Larry Kuczinski Memorial Award Mina Abou Elsaad

Dylan Bonney

Lost in the 50’s Club Scholarship Megann Holbrook
Mary Nock Memorial Scholarship Alliyah Baker
Nyquist Paint, Inc. Award

  • For Auto C/R
  • For Auto Refinishing
Ronald Miller

Ryan Heiland

Darrell Hood

Principal’s Scholarship Award Kyle Castle

Lorella Tiku Ngu Anyi

Scholarship for Scholars Recognition CTE- Jacob Keller

JMR- Mariah Bechtel

STEM Students in Excellence Award Recognition First- Devyn Croghan

Second- Jacob Wilson

Tom Hall Memorial Award Robert Rowe
Tom Opatka Memorial Award Adrian Lopez
Vulcan & Wolf Range Rick Gallicki Scholarship “For Culinary Arts” Gabby McCoy-Knight

Noraima Aponte-Martinez

Perfect Attendance Nathaniel Anthony

Emma Durkin

Dillon Hobbs

Deiontre Keys

Tyler Koehler